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1704 11th NE St, Massillon, OH, 44646 $204,900 Your family can own a part of local history with this tudor revival home. This stately home sits up overlooking the classy Charity Rotch. Two levels of living w/ bonus 3rd level that could be dinished & a 2 car garage w/ extra storage above. Nice...
The rates are becoming the best in recent history!  This is good news to us Realtors who are trying to get buyers to make  a move!  With home prices down ,as well as interest rates, what are we waiting for?  We need to create the urgency to get buyers up and ready to take action.  I just e-mailed...
     I see many Realtors networked with these non-real estate "Referral Companies".  These companies also charge 30 to 40% referral fee. I wonder if there are other companies, or ways Realtors can go around this. If your going to pay a referral, it would be so nice to pay 30% to a fellow Realtor ...
     With the information highway increasing daily with users, is the newspaper slowly being phased out?  I know the price to advertise can get pretty pricey and the internet can house more pictures and with better clarity for less money.  Should the real estate community push for the internet, o...
     Seller's and agents always want to know what the feedback is on a showing.  Most agents are kind and call you right away, while others have you chase them down.  We all know that feedback helps us determine if we're properly marketing the house.  So what are some of your tricks of the trade ...
     I buy and flip properties and rental units all the time. I sometimes wonder if I'm increasing my risk by selling them myself. I always make sure to disclose that I'ma licenced agent on contracts, disclosures and other forms. How do you sell personal propertyor have other agents do it for you?
     Is it more personal to e-mail past clients or is the writtenword more powerful and personal? I like using my drip e-mail campaignsand follow up with a phone call. Which do you think is the best use of follow-up time....a postcard, a letter, or e-mail?
     What do you do when you're trying to get a deal together and the buyer wants to move forward only if the seller gives a credit or allowance for new appliances or carpet? Do you put it onor keep that off the offer? Now more than ever ,most buyers don't have much money to work with.Equity loan...
     Some agents still do nothing more than a handshake..Some agents won't even get out of acar unless one is signed. I heard about one agent e-mailing it to the buyer before they even met.There's of course, the agent, who has one signed when writing the offer. I'm one who waits for the second me...
     As I said in a previous blog, Canton, Ohio is being turned around again as a place for dining, entertainment and business.  The city has been going through some major transformations.  Coon Restoration & Sealants, Inc. has restored and made new again several buildings in Canton. They're now ...

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