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Today, my server at the restaurant told me she had considered going into real estate when she found out I was a real estate broker. According to her story, she talked herself out of it when a REALTOR friend told her this tale of woe.Namely, that ANOTHER agent had "stolen" her listing and she had ...
Honolulu on New Year's Eve is like no other and it was my pleasure to show fellow Activerainer Elizabeth Weintraub Sacramento Real Estate Agent, Top 1% of Lyon Agents how to make a great couple of days out of it. As I have written about before, I first came to Waikiki several decades ago and have...
In real estate, there seems to be an ebb and flow, sometimes the year starts out slowly and then builds to a big finish as it did in my real estate brokerage in 2017.Yesterday, when I drove Elizabeth Weintraub Sacramento Real Estate Agent, Top 1% of Lyon Agents - a top listing producer in Sacrame...
Why in the world would a buyers agent get "talked" out of making an offer on a property that their clients want?Listing agents have a fiduciary responsibility to OUR client, the seller, to get as much money for them as we can.Today I received an email from a buyers agent who DID NOT put in an off...
My 11 year old grandson got his first phone today from Santa. Naturally, his entire loving family wanted to be the first ones to congratulate him and send him texts. And the first APP he used was INSTAGRAM to post a gazillion photos. "Wait," I thought, "I have an account set up with Instagram but...
 Two Christmas memories stand out in my life, and one I wrote about last year, a mystery to this day.The other is of Christmas Eves in Germany when I grew up when I was 0-10 years old. First of all, I need to explain that Christmas Eve was the "big day". None of us (except Santa and his elves, I ...
This has been an extremely busy year right up to December 14 when I climbed on my plane for Hawaii (vacation and business combined since I am a broker in both California and Hawaii). Even two days before I left, I listed another property, and got the photos done.  My plan was to get it on the MLS...
Have you tried to set up viewings over the Christmas weekend for clients who insist on seeing them?"The traffic is so bad, I can't meet you there on Friday at 5:30 pm," listing agent says. "You need to come by and pick up the key at the office yourself."That's not a problem for me as long as I ha...
The day I closed on an oceanfront house last week in California, I was off to Hawaii to work with a couple of buyers here. Yes, I have a broker's license in both states and it turns out that my Hawaii clients like to come over here for the Holidays just like I do. I my case, I combine seeing my d...
Don't feel too comfortable about using the same escrow company because they have always done well by you. Because, unless you do the same type of real estate transaction over and over,  it can come back and bite you.As you know, different regions have different views on who hires the escrow compa...

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