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That train of thought by Ralph Waldo Emerson stared me in the face today while at a clients home.  I rarely go out on carpet and air duct cleaning jobs with the tech, but today I did. My presence is not usually needed out in the field, but today was a bit different.  The client could barely speak...
Smoke and Mirrors...I was at one with it. It was nothing but a house of cards, from the initial planning stages right up to the departing flight from Iran. Secrets and lies - a resounding yes.  Discoveries and truths - a whispering nod. As it all brought me to my knees more than once. A Tower of ...
There is a painting I have inspected and wondered about since I was a child.  It has been in various parts of the home I grew up in and has gone through a few incarnations in various frames.  It is a painting of a gate and a view of a valley with not really anything around it. The focus is the v...
Left photo:   Bajay at 2 years old. already pregnant with her second litter when she came to stay.    Right Photo   Bajay, this year, at 22 years old at the vet. She is not too happy in this photo.   My cat is twenty-two years old and still runs to her food bowl.  What is the secret?  What's in ...
This is an important post by janeAnne, founder of the Eco`All` Stars group.  It has slso inpired me to write an additional blog about them as well. "...Bonobos do NOT kill each other. The females are in charge of the group and they seem to keep everyone's temper under control ..... It doesn't ma...
What makes a mansion a mansion?  Merely the immense square footage and luxurious accouterments? What makes a house green? The  state of omission of offending materials and a promise of sustainability? Can they co-exist? Can you be earth friendly and not be embarrassed by your riches displayed in...
When I was a young child anything that was of an exotic, or to be more exact, of a Middle Eastern origin terrified me. Even, or should I say especially music of an Arab genre in a cartoon, which surprisingly there is quite a bit of, imparted a sense of entrapment and dread beyond reason.  A glim...
    Acqua Lianna is one of the first green "triple certified" 15,000 square foot mansions.  It has an ocean view floor  and also boasts many sustainable features that are considered eco-responsible and energy efficient.  However the size and several other characteristics go against my mind set of...
Deb Hurt posted a blog about Book Crossings, a global book exchange that brings people together via the world of books.  You can post and leave books in an area so others can find the books.  You can if you like, even track where the book(s) were sent and who is re-sharing them. You can also sea...
Creating a luxurious green cleaning kit is an exquisite change from conventional products where the only sense of well being comes from, well, having a clean environment.  Or so one thinks...  Generally, household cleaning with chemicals is quite an oxymoron. Think about it, cleaning while leavi...

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What an entrepreneur jugging three companies spanning the luxury goods realm to the environmental services industry is focusing on. When it comes to green cleaning is corporate America color-blind or did green turn into the new grey. Can you believe what you read about green air duct and carpet cleaning? Regarding the luxury goods arena, how to bridge the gap to more environmentally conscious choices when specifying for clients and corporations who have limitless optiions.