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"Mr and Mrs Seller, millionaire Warren Buffett observed recently that 'It's only when the tide goes out that you know who's been swimming naked.'And a lot of your neighbors have been 'caught swimming naked' with their unrealistic prices based on yesterday's values. What we need for your home is a...
People don't want to list their home--they want to SELL it! So take a cue from Wall Street: Do stock brokers have listings? No, they have new "offerings." Say, "Mr. Buyer, you'll enjoy seeing our new offerings!"And say "relevant offerings" instead of "comparables" and see how quickly that's accep...
How to avoid frustration over your buyers' approach to decision making:"When you're out shopping for an outfit for a special occasion and find one that looks terrific and is priced right, do you gladly buy it and get on with your life...or do you feel compelled to keep looking or sleep on your de...
To avoid having to deal with the dreaded no-name, do-nothing out-of-town lender who has "preapproved" your buyer prospect:"Tell me, whom do you know who has actually had a good closing experience with this lender? You do want to have a good experience, don't you!!"And to have a good experience wi...

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