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Hey All!!  I just want to remind everyone or anyone looking for a tax break that the Go Zone tax benefit will end at the end of this year.  Go Zone is a tax benefit that was brought about due to hurricane's Rita, Wilma and Katrina for certain effected counties in Alabama, and Mississippi.  This m...
There are a few important documents that you should ask for when making an offer to purchase a condominium.  You really need to know what kind of financial stability the association has and there are several documents that can help you check this out thoroughly.  1.  Financial Statement of the As...
I am sure we all could share a good bit of Great Buys!!   Here are some investment properties and residential homes in the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach area along the coast of Alabama.  My Motivated sellers There are rental histories available for most of these properties.  Please share some of y...
This is a subject I get a lot.  I work in a market that is mostly vacation rental propery (investment property) and with the current economic situation most people need to sell and can't really do a trade.  If there WAS someone willing to trade don't sell yourself short by settling for a property...
Have you ever thought about owning a gulf front property on the beaches of Alabama?  Well even if you hadn't now would be the time to think about it.  Foreclosures aren't just plauqing the housing market but they are also happening on high end properties on the beaches.  These are properties that...
Has anyone heard of this web site??   www.vrbo.com  This has become a very popular site for a lot of vacation type property owners along the Gulf Coast of Alabama.  If you have an investment property that you are looking to rent yourself, this is the place to be.  My clients that have signed up o...
My primary area of expertise is condominium ownership and vacation properties.  I can't tell you how exciting it is to work with condominiums on the beaches of Alabama.  I have been in business here since 1999.  I have met so many new people from all over the country.  People really like being ab...
Have you heard about GO ZONE!!  GO ZONE is a federal program that was inacted after hurricane Katrina and Rita in 2005.  What this means is that if an investor meets certain qualifications and the purchased property meets certain qualifications the purchaser can receive a 50% tax depreciation the...
Does anyone out there sell Beach Front investment property?  That is my primary area of expertise.  I sell properties in Gulf Shores, Al and Orange Beach, Al.  I first got into this market in 1999.  Back in 1999 it was difficult but it was possible to find properties that would cash flow.  In and...

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