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VA Loans Colorado A majority of my business over the last 7 years has been VA Loans. We have a large military population here in Colorado Springs so it would make sense. Do I do other loans absolutely, but today I am focusing VA Loans. VA Loans have remained relatively unchanged over the last 2 o...
 So I spent my Friday night talking to a couple who had been referred to my by my Farmer's Insurance Agent Robert Hawkins. What was the topic? The couple was nervous about a mortgage refinance that they were about to get into. According to the wife she just didn't feel right and wanted a second o...
Some more good news in the national housing market. According to RealtyTrac, which tracks national foreclosure statistics, foreclosure filings fell 14% from January to February. They also declined 27% on a year-over-year basis.  That is the largest annual drop since 2005 when the housing crisis b...
While I would only recommend this as an absolute last resort for anyone after exhausting all avenues of settlement we have seen many government funded (really funded by us) fall very short of helping people stay in their homes. Click on the link..... http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/41787682/ns/busine...
I understand that the government wants people to have more "skin in the game" but the changes they keep coming up with are just going to slow down any hope of a recovery in housing. The pendulum has swung from way to easy to I need your first born to get this loan done. A couple of weeks ago I po...
Follow Me On:       Harold LampassoSenior Mortgage BankerLeaderOne FinancialPhone: (719) 201-3967License: NMLS #19396haroldlampasso@leader1.comwww.leader1.com/harold_lampasso   Make Your Next Open House a WinnerProvide Prospects with Finance Options Many Real Estate professionals feel that open ...
Well some good numbers for the overall housing market. Existing home sales came in at 5.36 million units. Above the expected 5.23 million that was expected. Unfortunately NAR has come under fire by Core Logic for overstating the numbers over the last 3 years. NAR is going re-evaluate. So hopefull...
I have been saying this for years. For the right person an Adjustable Rate Mortgage may make more sense. In recent years many people have become fearful of ARM products. ARMS are not the enemy. You can often get a lower rate on an ARM, take the difference between that and a 30 yr fixed and INVEST...
Those claiming have to be careful claiming the tax credit. I have a Military client who has been deployed to Afghanistan, so his wife and children are living with family in another state. They are renting their property out while they are gone. Now the IRS wants the credit back because they are n...
I love passing along good, positive information. http://money.cnn.com/galleries/2011/real_estate/1102/gallery.best_recovery_bets/8.html

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