Maybe not "party hat" fun, but is your mortgage business missing something? Residential Mortgage Loan Originators! Don't limit yourself when you can easily lend Nationwide!Bring over, or create your own remote team and build your mortgage business without all the licensing fees, compliance requir...
That's right! We have one of the rare lending platforms that not only allows residential mortgage loan originators to lend nationwide without any additional licensing but also helps your business grow.  All of the conventional, government and non-qualifying mortgage programs will available using ...
Please help me welcome our newest Residential Mortgage Loan Originator in our Florida Branch, Lauren Aulenbach who is located in the Dallas, Texas area.Lauren has been in the real estate and finance industry for 15 years. She was raised in Dallas and graduated from Southwest Texas State Universit...
Twice the advantages when you join Texana Bank Mortgage? No! Here's a list of 5. (But there are so many more!)If you're a branch manager with a group of loan originators/loan officers who want to move to a P&L structure and increase your territory with a Nationwide lending platform, we're your ne...
Residential Mortgage Lenders (LO's and Branches)!Stand out!Be unique!Don't let your state lines limit your originations! Continue to shop lenders for your clients!Let someone else handle your compliance, processing and payroll.I'm looking for experienced, currently producing residential mortgage ...
Caller: All of my business has been Non-Qualifying Mortgages and Investor loans, that's all my company does. ME: With all the Non-QM lenders on pause, how are you even in business?Caller: My company does lend hard money but that's limited so MY business is pretty much gone and that's why I'm call...
Caller: I'm located near two other states but I'm only licensed in my state and I'm losing those loans. ME: With Texana Bank Mortgage, you'll be able to lend in All 50! How many states is your company licensed?Caller: We're only licensed in our state so there was no reason for me to get myself li...
Caller: I've been a mortgage broker for over 15 years but I'm tired of all the compliance I need to keep up with for me and my loan officers. And I'm licensed in 2 states, that make it even worse! Me: We'll handle your compliance. You and your LO's can lend in all 50 states. We're under the FDIC ...
A DOUBLE Announcement! Help me wish a Happy Birthday and a warm welcome to our newest residential mortgage loan originator in our North Carolina Branch, Aisha Eskandari!
Caller: The mortgage company I was working for wouldn't help me when I had questions! I would call and no one would get back to me! Me: I worked for a company that had the same problem. That's why I left!Caller: I wasn't the only one who noticed it. Everyone complained and started leaving.Me: We'...

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