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I had to share this post from Darin Persinger at Productivity Junkies.  If you aren't getting his daily emails you should consider signing up.  He is insightful, funny, and consistantly providing value.  Originally published here:
I received an email yesterday from one of ActiveRain's ambassadors Kathleen Daniels.  She wanted to tell me that our real estate email newsletter system actually works. "My second email was just sent.  I have already received 4 responses.  The emails really do create engagement – which is the pur...
What are agents making over $100,000 a year spending their resources on?  It's not Facebook.  It's email marketing!*  I know, just when you thought Faceook killed email - suddenly its the place to be. So what system should you be using?  They all sound more like carnival rides -- Mad Mimi, Happy ...
You might think that social media is all about marketing.  Not anymore.  Suddenly Facebook is a must have resource for tech support and product research.  I've been participating in these three Facebook groups and you should too. Each of them is an amazing resource. What Should I Spend My Money O...
Have you checked out The Ticker yet?  It is a short daily video that covers a new idea in Real Estate Marketing and Technology.  Corri and Chase are straight and to the point bringing you the information on marketing and technology you need without the fluff you don't. Here is a piece they recent...
Chuck Carstensen recently wrote a great blog post, Not Everyone Is A Lead. I don't know Chuck, but he gave me a pretty clear sense of his priorities and I already like him. Isn't ActiveRain great? Anyway, Chuck made it clear that treating people like "leads" instead of living, breathing human bei...
Ben Kinney sells 1 and 1/2 houses a day.  He just started selling real estate 6 years ago.  Before that, he was a cable guy.  Ben says, "Selling real estate isn't rocket science, its about knowing the math and sticking to it." Rule #1 - Every time someone calls on one of Ben Kinney's signs he cal...
Here is the first installment from Agent Reboot.  The themes of the day - Take Action, Get Mobile, and create niche content that is meaningful and speaks to your audience. Nicole Nicolay started us off with some great dos and don'ts.Nik Nik on Do this, Not That - Nicole Nicolay If you are looking...
Happy Tuesday Morning!  Dan and I are at Inman News Agent Reboot.  I'll be live blogging the event.  Here is what is on the schedule for today. 20 Mobile Tools That Will Make You Stand Out Developing a Content Strategy that Sells Making Money with Social Media Capture Consumers' Attention With Vi...
I am all set to live blog this week's festivities in San Francisco. For those of you who haven't been following along I have been live blogging events all year.  You can catch what you missed from Raincamp Dallas and a couple of Xplodes here.  I'll try to do a recap of each speaker we hear on Tue...

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