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Landing pages are mini-sites built around a specific search keyword or CPC campaign. Here’s how a landing page works: let’s say you have a potentially lucrative niche product or service. You create a Google AdWords campaign to address your audience. Then you design a web page to turn your audien...
What generates 500 watts of light but only draws 40 from an household outlet? The Complete History of Lighting (Abbreviated) Back in the day, “hot” lights were the norm. Incandescent, HMI, tungsten - they could light up a room like the sun. Generate about as much heat, too. Smaller hot lights co...
We recently needed a new camera for video blogging. Thought we’d share the results of our research. The first thing to consider is features – what do you need for video blogging and what’s extraneous? FEATURES From our point of view, two features are paramount: Digital connectivityMicrophone Inp...
We love this handy online tool from SEO Workers for scoring search engine optimization on your website. It's easy - just plug in the url (web address) of your site, answer the silly question to prove you are a human and click on submit. In the blink of an eye, the SEO Analyzer will show you a sc...
Every post needs to start with a catchy headline. More than anything else, a headline determines whether or not a viewer will read your post. Here are the Top 4 Rules for writing blog headlines: 1. Be clear (not cute or obscure) Generally, we’re talking about a noun, in this case “headlines.” An ...
Many thanks to Julie Roland, Pittsboro NC Realtor® at RWCP, for letting us produce this video for her website. And thanks as well to Eleanor Thorne for acquainting us with ActiveRain :)

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