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Andrew Miller of YourSearchAdvisor.com made a fantastic presentation at WordCamp in Richmond last week.  Here’s a summary of Andrew’s best practices for optimizing search. THE BACKGROUND Reassuringly, Andrew pointed out that search engine optimization is: Not Rocket Science or Voodoo Not Free Tr...
One of the buzz topics last week was Security & Safety. The issue is URL shortening services. WHAT IS A URL SHORTENER? Some URLs run to dozens of characters, making them impractical to use. URL shortening services transform long URLs into short ones, thus: http://searchengineland.com/analysis-wh...
We released this video for Luxe Apothecary about 2 weeks ago and it has been generating considerable buzz. And while the secret to creating the illusion of fuller eyebrows is interesting, the technique we used to make no-budget video look like broadcast TV is even more interesting and relevant t...
  Almost every business benefits by using photos to help tell their story. Increasingly, businesses are turning to Flickr as the perfect channel for serving their pictures. In the last few months, a tide of new tools for sharing Flickr photos and sets have flooded the market. For the most part, t...
Not too long ago, we railed against the limited functionality of Facebook Pages for business. But all that is in the past. Facebook Pages now look and behave like Profile Pages, enabling true two-way interaction with your customers and fans. IF YOU HAVE A FACEBOOK BUSINESS PAGE If you already ha...
Originally posted at Goodtree & Co :: Blog Ever wonder about all the buzz surrounding Facebook, Twitter and other social networks as marketing channels? Here’s a brief summary. The term “social marketing” dates from the 1970’s and originally defined a concept of using marketing for social good. T...
  We continue to install WordPress for clients at an ever increasing pace. But we stopped calling it a Blog. Sure, the blogosphere gets bigger every year. The pool of experts continues to expand (you know you’re one if you read ProBlogger). But even more key, the pool of non-experts is really tak...
We've just finished a new site for North Hills, the shopping, dining and living mecca in Raleigh. Lots of interactive features including maps, calendars, YouTube widgets and blogs. It also features a section on residential real estate. Over 10,000 page views in the first 5 days :) Contact us for...
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Facebook is the new hot ticket in marketing. Previously, I rattled on about advertising on FB, but now let's talk about Facebook Business pages. Facebook lets you create pages to promote your business. But the functionality is still pretty limited. Here's a synopsis of our experience with FB Bus...

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