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So if you have been following the stock market and the economy the last several months you are well aware that besides oil it has been very hard to find an investment with with an upside. I thought for a while their on my trip to NYC I should beware of bodies falling out of the sky when walking d...
This is the latest from the Appraisal Pess.  It feels good to think that our issues with the HVCC are being discussed at the highest of levels. Dole grills Bernanke about HVCC during hearing   As you probably know, since early March we've been working with our lobbyists and legal team in Washingt...
Typically how many and whay type (ex.lising, pending, sold, etc.) of comparables are you currently using?
What tactics have you used to collect fees from Mortgage Brokers that refuse to pay?  Can you take them to small claims court?  Have you utilized with success any collection agencies?  If so how much did it cost you and how long did it take to get paid?  Also have any of you filed a complaint aga...
I have a general question to all appraisers out there trying to get approvals with AMC's.  Since the threat of the HVCC I have been collectively attempting to get approved with as many AMC'S as possible.  The problem is nearly all of the companies I have contacted, Landsafe, AppraisalPort, Valuei...

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