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So, I recently blogged about a client that tried to pressure me to change my analysis of market conditions in my appraisal to better suite his loan (i didn't do it).  Well the newest developments are that the appraisal fee is now over due.  I contacted the title company that was noted on the appr...
Typically most appraisers have nothing good to say about the current slow market and tight guidelines.  Not me, I am saying thank you.  Even though my business has is slower than any other time in recent memory, the higher appraisal standards is make me and other appraisers that actually take the...
Fyi,  I completed an appraisal based on plans and specs nearly 12 months ago for a client(Broker).  The appraisal was completed subject to completion per plans and specs.  Yesterday I got an order for a Completion Certificate 1004d from another company (the bank that the deal was brokered to and ...
So Im looking outside my office window and I see the SUN!!!!!! It is really uplifting after a looooooonnnnnggggggg winter.  I am so inspired by this weather I want to share with pictures why I Love Portland.  It is the best place on earth (shhhhh don't tell anyone).     I                  
Just looking for any comments from appraisers in the Portland area that may be experiencing a lack of work.  What are the different things you are doing to find work?  ex.  Different services, exploring new niche or just gathering statistics for all the areas you cover to better you current data ...
I just got off the phone with a newish client because he wants me to change the market trends in my appraisal from declining property values to stable or increasing.  His case for this as far as I can tell is this:  Realtors tell me the greater Portland Oregon area has not seen any declines in va...

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