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I must admit the whole idea of the eKey baffles me.  I mean really.  Is this not a huge scam or what?  Pay $200 a year for this little electronic key that is supposed to prevent anyone from gaining unauthorized access to a house!  It is nothing more than the local RE Boards teaming up with GE (wh...
It amazes me what happens when a little snow falls.  I live in Cincinnati and every time we get a little snow the who City shuts down.  Last night it started snowing about 3:30pm.  There was about an inch of snow by 5:30.  Based on the traffic, the 2+ hour commutes that normally take 20 minutes a...
I figure if the folks on AR don't know then nobody does.I 'm thinking of hosting a first time home buyer's seminar.  I'd like to know if folks here have had success with them.  What worked and what didn't?  I'm thinking of holding my first 1st time home buyer's seminar but I want to make sure I: ...
Forgive my rant but I just hate it when other agents make ME look bad!  I had a client inquire about a property in another state.  Without access to their local MLS I was not able to answer some of the questions from the client.  As any agent would, I thought I would contact the listing agent.  I...
So here's the deal...if you had to provide one piece of advice for a new agent, and only one piece of advice, what would it be?Post your BEST advice, suggestion or wisdom for new agents, but limit it to only one suggestion.  It could be related to marketing, farming, listings, circle of influence...
Ok, here is a new one, at least for me... A 'company' (if that is what you want to call it) is offering $50 for every home with a SOLD sign I provide.  I realize this offer is too good to be true so it probably is, but I'm wondering if anybody has heard anything about this in their area?  Apparen...

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