Having a place to call home is a necessity in life. However, owning a home is no small feat! Affording a home means saving up which can be difficult to do since living is so expensive but if you focus and follow these few steps those new keys will be in your hand sooner than you would have though...
The 16th of every month is what I consider my lucky day. 16 has been my number since elementary so I decided today is the day to share the Market Report.
Another wet, grey day here in the upstate has this Monday dragging a little more than usual but with 50% off all the valentines chocolates, I am not letting it get me down too much! Even with Valentine being behind us I like to focus on that kind of love all year round. Call me a hopeless romanti...
Our first snowfall of 2021 came in February and after dark. South Carolina has snow.   Our snowfalls usually start at 10 am so the school can be dismissed and the kids are home by lunch or like this one, it comes after dark.  The flakes fall all night and when we get up the ground is covered.  Ei...
Accounts From The Assistant: There is a point whereas horrible as scammers are I have to give them credit to the lengths they will go for a couple (or couple hundred dollars). Hopefully, we are all aware of the people I'm talking about, some may have even fallen victim. The countless phone calls ...
Nothing like a new listing to get the month rolling. Here in upstate South Carolina ( SC in general) The roads are long and winding while most of the towns are small so getting a great location can sometimes cost a pretty penny but this lot is perfect for those looking to build a home close to ev...
This has been an interesting week as we have been facing a Covid exposure in the office. At this point in the pandemic, we have the protocol down to a T. so with our staff staying away, we have been all separately chipping away at some small but important projects as we look at the end of the mon...
Say the title 5 times fast. From the image above I am sure you already know where this is going. I wanted to talk about the Facebook marketplace! Everyone loves a good deal, I know a fun pass time I have enjoyed for years is thrift store/yard sale browsing in the hopes of finding something worthw...
Accounts From the Assistant: As with everything else in life, things are starting to be geared towards the next generation. The demographic for most of the interaction listings have been receiving are mainly men and women between 25-35 years old. With the way the market has been in favor of first...
I originally wrote an introduction for this month's market update, however, due to a goof, I  lost the entire article. It is still important to provide a glance at the market in my area and I will just have to touch on any other little add-ons tomorrow! So here is our Monthly Market Report: 

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