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A very humorous Blog that highlights gaffes from the MLS & ad bloopers.
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    Hi Friends - One of my zany followers asked me to re-post this for Halloween. Here is my D.O.A. post...with a few "killer" updates:   It’s Blooper day once again, my friends. There were enough typo casualties in the nationwide MLS listings this past week to fill an English Grammar ER. These a...
  'Making your career extinct with bloopers? Welcome back to the Blooper Blog, friends! I'm a firm believer that we should laugh at ourselves now...because it's harder to laugh once they strap you into a strait jacket. These MLS goofs underscore the fact that real estate can sometimes drive agent...
Hi, friends – welcome to this week’s edition of “How to shoot yourself in the foot in a public forum.” Gone To Waste“MUST be accompanied” (Is that why an accordion player is trailing me?)“Tall pams sway in the breeze” (Oh yes, the Pams - my favorite women’s basketball team.)“Call or don’t go” (Ch...
 Welcome back to the Blooper Blog. The week is in full swing, and the MLS is already rife with gaffes. Are agents typing their listing remarks while perched on bar stools at Hooters? Check out these hilarious typos:Dare I Inquire?“Do nut park in back” (Sign at L.A.P.D. headquarters.)“A grate deal...
 Flowers for my AR Friends in this glorious season. Wishing you all a blessed weekend of love, hope and renewal.  PEACE AND LOVE
     Well it's Blooper Day again folks, and some of these comments and advertising blunders were dead on arrival. Maybe these descriptions won't help sell listings, but at least they may provide a chuckle or two. Please enjoy: Call A Doctor “Fatal inspection completed.” (May you rest in peace.) “...
 Hi Friends - Welcome to Blooper Friday. Some things never change, and it seems that a lack of proofreading is one of them. Here are some new bloopers and a few of my favorite oldies for your pleasure. Please enjoy these hysterical gaffes:  Cooking Your Own Goose?   "Extra oven, warm drawers" (Th...
Just wanted to share this article from Sunday's LA Times with my AR Family. TGIF!  

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A very humorous Blog that highlights gaffes from the MLS and real estate ad bloopers.