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The market has been moving to quick too write up to much about my DOW on the best properties. So all I can send out nowadays is a quick blurb on the best ones I come across. If interested contact me ASAP for additional information and pictures if available.   Link to the Deals of the Week - 02-Re...
                      Ever wonder how someone is able to purchase that skyscraper office building downtown, or the 300+ unit apartment complex down the street for multi millions of dollars? Well, I can tell you, it’s not typically someONE that purchases these properties it is usually a group. It’...
                  By now hopefully you’ve read “Intro to Group Investment in Real Estate” and have additional interest. By now you are likely wondering how it is actually structured, how you make your money, and when. Be sure to read on to “Participating in a Group Investment” as well.           ...
                     Before reading this article, be sure to first read “Intro to Group Real Estate Investment” and “The Group Investment Structure” A group investment in real estate (also called a Syndication) typically is considered a security under Securities and Exchange Commission guidelines...
9763 Doriath - 02-Res Customer Synopsis This home is located in the 32825 zip code, right between the Waterford Lakes and UCF retail and employment centers and the new Lake Nona Medical Center. In an excellent, quiet community that rents very quickly. This short sale may take some time to close o...

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