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A Southern California Coastal agent's perspective on real estate and other things that interest me! Based in Laguna Beach, Real Estate is my passion.



  Sellers!! Save Money Some Other Way - Turn Up The AC  It's hot, hot, hot! Did I mention HOT? it's pretty warm out there and your house is on the market in Mission Viejo, California. Great! Summer is a good time to sell and we still have time to close before schools head back in the fall...
 Who, What and Why....all in SouthernCalifornia Who I am, What I do and Why do I do it? The "where" is in Southern California. That's a long title for a blog post, so I shortened it, but that's the point. While some people start with the "what" of that question. What do I want to do in my life. I...
 I’m Single, Should I Buy A Home? Isn’t buying a home for married people? I’m single! The short answer is “so what”? Just being single doesn’t affect whether or not you should buy a property. Being married is not a requirement you know! All the same factors that go into any home purchase should b...
 The "Wet" Signature Doesn't Have To Be Wet - Exactly Wait....what? You heard it here first folks, a "wet" signature doesn't necessarily mean that the ink hits the page. At least not with one lender.I learned something a couple weeks ago that saved time and money for my buyer. At the last minute,...
 Social Media Is "Social" Marketing Active Rain has asked us to share their greatest social media success and have created a contest to make it fun. I am happy to share how I use Social Media to grow my business. It might not be what you'd expect. I think Social Media is about being social!Of cou...
 Sometimes You Zig and Sometimes You Zag My husband used to roll his eyes as I talked through a situation. Yes, women are famous for talking too much. When we were faced with anything from deciding on which vacuum to buy or a family vacation destination, I liked to talk throught the pros and cons...
 What's The Difference Between A Buyer's Agent And A Listing Agent  Buyer’s Agent, Listing Agent, what’s the difference? Well, nothing and everything! Sometimes buyers will write offers with the Listing agent and use them as their own, this can be a mistake. While certainly we assume that the lis...
 Qualifying For A Loan – Easy Ways To Raise Your Credit Score Buying a home can be a very exciting time. Getting started can also feel overwhelming. Can I even qualify for a loan? How much should I have in savings? I wonder what my credit score is now? These are all legitimate questions a potenti...
New Home? How About New Construction Homes If you are searching for your next home, consider new construction homes. A band new home can offer you a fresh cavass to create your home the way you want it. No more weekends spent tearing down out the floral wall paper in the guest bathroom or the lin...
 Should I Buy A Home With A Friend You and your best friend have been living together since college. It started with a small dorm room and now that you are both thriving in your careers, you have a nice apartment overlooking the pool. As the parade of the “wrong people” stream in and out of your ...

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