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  I sure hope that I don't get anyone disagreeing with me on this post, because it means that I'm wrong. While I don't mind being wrong.... From time to time that is. This time I want to say that it's been a long time since I've seen spam on this site and the posts. Anyone else notice this? It's...
      Yes my friends, this is my now 17-year old son. Last week was his birthday. My family wanted to make sure that is was a really happy one. And nothing says joy like funny hats, masks and sundaes. Mission Viejo had many great restaurants, but few are as fun as Ruby's Diner. Though this is a ...
This is a great post by Richard Yates....I'd tell you that he's the best Realtor in Mission Viejo, but I'd have to say "second best." I work in Mission Viejo. Seriously, though...Richard is a terrific agent and knows Mission Viejo "almost" as well as I do. I know his clients benefit from his expe...
  Have you ever been affected by an artificial time line? Yes...let me answer this question for you. Of course you have, we all have. In our personal lives, it is often occasioned by the fear of being judged...or actually being judged. I was reminded of this when I was "caught" talking to a MAN ...
  First I want to start this by saying that I like Ladera Ranch, California. It's a lovely planned community. There are walking/biking trails adjacent to every home, lush parks and amenities...even a water park for the residents. But it's NOT Mission Viejo! I don't mean that as a "moral" equival...
  Alan May wrote a post today about a potential buyer wanting to see the Association's Financials ahead of writing an offer. He went on to explain that this was a contingency and that the buyer would have an opportunity to back out later if they didn't like what they saw in the records. It promp...
  Me buckos, as ye may know, today be International Speak Like a Pirate Day. Time "Blimey Thats Good!" fer sword fights an' swash buckl'n an' a lot o' Arrrgs.  But "Fancy Scallywag!" we pirates need t' reakon t' work as lustily well. But "Skullduggery!" how can we honor our Carabbean roots an' s...
  You know those leads....the ones we work so hard for? We blog, we prospect, we do mailers and open houses and garage sales...and then we get that precious lead. So with all the excitement of Prom Night, we call and email and talk, talk, talk. And then: ***crickets*** They go dark. No more show...
Chase Settles Federal/State Lawsuit.....My Loan Is Canceled No fancy blog post here....just want to get this out to whomever can use this information. I had a second trust deed with Chase, which originally was with WAMU (Washington Mutual). The loan is a HELOC loan and in the amount of $108,000. ...
  I have been so touched by all the remembrances today of that horrible day known only as 9-11. The blog posts, the radio discussions, the TV coverage.....all the different thoughts and memories. For me..... I was asleep still when the first plane hit. My oldest son was up and getting ready to l...

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