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  I had a bit of a "low" day today.....ok, I walked into the office and when someone innocently asked me how I was, I teared up. Poor thing, remember that you better be prepared if you ask a question. :). I didn't sleep well and was somewhat disoriented when I woke up, so it took me a bit to reme...
  I spent some time this morning with an agent in our office, she was very upset about some recent attempts at cold calling. More like warm calling, they were leads which registered on our site, but they did not ask to be called. My question about this is why put your phone number down on a cont...
  Pricing your home when you list it is always a tricky thing....this is nothing new. I think it's a mis-perception that an agent is doing their best for a seller when they try to get the very highest sales price they can for a home. Of course, we want to maximize the profit (or minimize the los...
  I talk to myself all the time.  Oh sure sometimes it's about whether I truly want those new shoes. I mean are shoes really a "want"? I think we can all agree that shoes are a NEED! But I'm talking about role playing. One of the early lessons in any sales training class is role playing. Remembe...
  Ok so this needs an explanation...and as with many stories, I think it's pretty funny. My husband's father passed away shortly after we were married. That's right people....18 years ago!!! This is important information! My husband went to the funeral back East and came home with a small baggie...
    Two months ago today, I lost my husband. Well, to be fair..I know where he is. He's in a San Francisco 49er Popcorn Tin in my family room....that's an entirely different post. :) But I digress! In keeping with the traditional Armenian tradition, I'm ending my mourning today. Depending upon t...
You know how much I love a road trip....How about this for a road? This is in Mammoth Lakes, California on a jeep ride with my nieces. We are having unbelievably good weather...and this is really designed for snow mobiles, wouldn't that be fun? I feel a bit like a ride at Disneyland as I no soon...
Just a quick post this time. I'm enjoying Mammoth Lakes this week with my family. My 2 brothers and their families and my parents along with a couple of my kids. This has been one of our favorite places to hike, fish, and just be together, since I was a kid. Last year, we were altogether along wi...
  Are Consumers Using The Internet Like Online Dating?   Don't judge's not like that! :)! I was on an online dating site last night. Not on purpose, exactly, and NO, I did not fall into the site from the "Buy Great Shoes" site or the "You Won The British Lottery" site. Ok.....some girlf...
Don't Believe What They Say.....That Is If You Want To Succeed   "We aren't ready to move""I'm just looking""I'm not ready to really see any homes yet" These are just a few of the comments I heard from some recent buyers.....before we closed. That's right, they didn't want to see homes, they were...

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