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Is there a difference?  You bet!  When I think of this phrase, it brings back memories of the movie Tin Cup.  You remember Roy McAvoy... and his nemesis, Don Johnson....I just can't remember his fictitious name right now.  But anyway, when I watch this movie, Playing to Win vs. Playing Not to Los...
In honor of Father's everywhere, I'd like to share a few thoughts with you this Father's Day about my DAD and the special experiences that I will keep with me forever!  It's funny how we celebrate Father's Day just once a year, and yet, we cherish all the memories and moments we've had and shared...
What does it mean to be a Golf Realty Network (GRN) Member Agent?  Well, for starters, it means you are joining an elite group of REALTORS® that specialize their Real Estate services around Golf!  This is the First Time the SWSPGA, or the PGA for that matter, has partnered with a Real Estate Sour...
One of my very first dates growing up in a small town in Illinois was to play GOLF...putt-putt golf that is.  But, hey, for a small town of barely 5,000 people, having a Putt-Putt course complete with a Windmill and  the BIG mouth of a Clown.... was something spectacular.  The "resort" was called...
Do you know what your Reticular Activator is?  It's when you talk about something, and then you see it....everywhere.  My husband was talking about a specific car the other day....and sure enough, every time we turned around, there it was...the make of the car that is...not the same car.  We did ...


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We put Golf and Real Estate together through our Partnership with the Southwest Section PGA. We will discuss why people want to live in golf communities and why Arizona and Lase Vegas are second home buyer destinations. Golf Community homes were 10% of the Phoenix Real Estate market in 2010. Let's talk about GOLF....or Real Estate...or Both!