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Fannie and Freddie are insolvent and even Willaim Poole a former Fed govenrner said as much today - Congress and more important the US taxpayer is looking at one of the largest bailouts in US histroy - the impact on the real estate market is going to be very powerful as almost 75% of all mortagge...
Freddie and Fannie have another terrible day - Spreads over treasures were the most ever and raises questions if they are solvent In the stock market, Freddie Mac dropped $3.20, or 24 percent, to $10.26 in New York. Fannie Mae fell $2.31, or 13 percent, to $15.31. Both are down more than 60 perce...
Fannie and Freedie - Good Lord They Need $75 Billion to Stay Alive - Can this be good for the real estate market - I believe Congress will have to come thier help and bail them out and that means massive write offs - can not be good for the real estate prices Mike  
The latest data from the real estate industry shows a marketplace in steady decline and no bottom in sight. Residential home sales are in freefall mode with an expected 25% decline in the total number of home sales in 2007 versus 2006. Additionally, homes sales are currently off by more than 35% ...
The purpose of any business card is to get potential sellers to call you. It is not to impress your family and friends, show off creative art work or flash an impressive title you gave yourself.  But simply to get motivated sellers to call or email you that they are interested in learning more ab...

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