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First Time Homeowner Tax Credit For those of us with clients qualifying for the $8,000.00 First Time Homeowner Tax Credit, we need to remember that if the home is converted to a rental within 36 months, the $8,000.00 must be repaid. For existing homeowners, there is no requirement that they sell ...
Clean and Green Tax Deductions For those of us who have clients making expenditures that qualify for energy savers, we need to know; It must be their principal residence. Includes windows, doors, skylights, water heaters, roofs, biomass stoves, etc. Can deduct 30% of the qualified expenditure up ...
  Confused about the myriad of guidelines for home loan modification programs like the Home Affordable Modification Program? Hearing about families who get different|varied results when they are trying to keep their homes after falling behind on their payments due to financial hardship they have ...
Karen Cooper and Access Inc. have some terrific help for homeowners in need of foreclosure help. Although this is not necessarily a typical time frame, a Southern Oregon family received their Home Affordable Modification Program offer TEN DAYS AFTER their request was submitted to their lender thr...
Toyota Takes A Hit! Toyota stock is taking a hit right now because of sudden, uncontrolled acceleration. This problem has been there for several years now, and up until recently, Toyota has denied that is was anything other than floor mats making the accelerator stick. It is reminiscent of the re...
Rogue Valley Humane Society - Grants Pass, Oregon Marriage in the Dog house starts at the Rogue Valley Humane Society.           Diane and Kenway Mead will be married on Saturday, January 30th at the Rogue Valley Humane Society. The couple met on the Internet while playing on a cribbage site when...
Tomb Of The Unknowns - Arlington National Cemetery Were you aware that the guard must change every half hour, twenty-four hours a day, every day of the year? To be guard at the Tomb Of The Unknowns; the guards must meet size requirements, and commit to two years of service to guard the tomb.  The...
This is a great post by Mary and Bill Watkins.  Following these five steps will make your home-buying process much easier and even fun!Everyone wants to know how to buy the best house for their money.  And, there are several ways to go about doing just that.  Therefore, we would like to share fiv...
Ron Wickes posted this great blog about how seemingly "small" payment oversights can affect your credit score, especially if you've got good credit.I often get people asking me how much one late payment damages their credit score. My answer always has been "more than you can imagine". Well last N...
BAMA BAILOUT BACKFIRES? Used vehicle prices are up! How well do you think the "cash for clunkers" program really worked now that we're well past it? We can already see what the affect the shortage of those trade-ins has made in the automobile market.  Sixty percent of those vehicles that the U.S....

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