(Picture courtesy of   I've stood backstage looking over a room packed with celebrities, the spotlights spilling over the stage, the sets sparkling and sizzling with life - the fans screaming from their seats, cheering and dancing... these memories always make me smile. But in a ...
There are several blogs on the matter of whether rentals are better than sales, whether a sleuth of smaller commissions are better than one good commission every few months. Just last night I was discussing the matter with a top producer from our office and what it came down to, for me atleast, ...
Welcome to my first podcast! Although “getting that listing” may seem the most important thing to many agents, we have to face the facts that for some For Sale By Owners, it simply isn’t economically feasible to hire an agent. All that and more in this episode of Realty Bites from EntertainingRe...
I had a very interesting conversation this week with a Walt Disney Imagineer. Something he said reminded me that sometimes you can't achieve your dreams until you learn to control a little monster called: EXPECTATIONS.You see, I've had the most unusual career. When I used to dream of being an aut...
Do you recognize this house?     No? How about when it still had those spooky-looking windows and you could see the outline of the chimney from the outside? Yeah, now you see it!! It's the house used for the filming of The Amityville Horror, or more precisely, it is where the real DeFeo family mu...
If there is no God - so be it.  If there is a God - so be it. If Darwin was right - so be it.  If Darwin was wrong - so be it. If we're alone in the universe - so be it. If we're not alone - so be it. You can find the truth faster if you're not afraid of what you'll find. THIS IS MY ULTIMATE MAN...

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From home movies to the silver screen we play out our lives against the back-drop of Real Estate. And it is precisely that - our daily living - that gives Real Estate its worth and meaning. Because Real Estate is nothing... without People.