I am amazed why banks even in a short sale situation will not fix a house to sell.  Yes prices are low but if they will not fix them then they will not be sold and more problems will manifest themselves.  You wonder what lenders are thinking, or not!  Weeds high, grass not cut, interiors are horr...
SW Florida is truly a place for real estate sales.  Having been home builder, developer for many years general real estate is the only viable way to make a living today.  In the first 3 weeks since I joined Keller Williams I have written 2 contracts and am working with 5buyers.   Activity is good...
It is January 9th and a busy week!  SW Florida with thousands of homes on the market is busy with activity.  Granted the sale price is low, I have not shown a home this week over $99,000 but wrote one and will write a second Saturday.  I also got 4 new referral leads for potential sales.  I would...
Why is it good to be in real estate today, plain and simple, in SW Florida there ware on average 2,100 foreclosures everymonth last year. that is over 25,200 properties that are distressedand must be sold. Try a new 1408 square foot home, never been lived in for $47,000.  Yes it needs a compresso...
It is amazing how often I see individuals like my self looking for a "job" or "position".  I should have done this long ago, but there is never a time like the PRESENT!  As more and more "agents" get out of the business I find it the best time to start.  Prices are low and getting lower, just how...
Sales are definitely up and so is traffic.  Single family, condos are both selling in SW Florida.  We have homes, never been lived in priced in the 70's to low 100's.  They originally sold in the 200's or more.  The weather in 80 degrees and sunny.  NO SNOW.  I love to pay referral fees so if you...
This is the last day of 2008 and what a rollercoaster year it has been.  Up and down, some good, mostly difficult but there is always hope.  The key to surviving is attitude.  Yes it is very hard when nothing but bad luck appears to be coming your way, no job, no money, nothing seems to be in you...
Hard to believe that just a couple of years back lots were selling from the $40's to high $100's.  After doing some research today, homes can be purchased for $39,900 and up.  Many homes range in the $60's to 100's that have never been lived in.  1600 to 2400 square feet of living area.  Foreclos...
It seems that we are in the forefront of the national news.  Once the shinning star we are now on the opposite end of the spectrum.  But families, singles, mingles, boomers and the like all still live here and still want to come here.  Driving back from Tampa yesterday across the rivers, with the...
Reading again that sales of existing homes was up a whopping 64% from 2007.  600 hones were closed in November of 2008 as compared to 365 in November 2007.  Yes there is a silver lining.  Prices have tumbled by 53%.  Should you buy now?  The answer is a resounding YES!  Will prices fall further, ...

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