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Various thoughts about real estate, business, effective communication, sales, and marketing.
Saluting all who serve, all who have served, and especially those who gave their lives in service. 
I had fun working with writer Laura Agadoni on the Trulia article "6 Simple Tricks for Winning a Negotiation Stalemate." One negotiation tip we discussed was creativity. I want to point out that this is both very important for closing difficult properties (or difficult clients) AND that creativit...
  With the coming new year, I've been reflecting on something. Conformity. In meeting real estate agents across many states, I see many that are “wantrapreneurs.”  These are people who claim they are entrepreneural in their thinking but are too risk averse to ever make a leap to something new. Th...
In our travels meeting our agents, and prospective agents, across a number of states, it is interesting what I've learn looking at real estate at the extremely local level in so many markets. While each of the observations below may merit its own detailed article, here are few quick things I've f...
Last month, I chimed in on, along with Keith Humphries (chief economist for Zillow) on 5 Ways Big Data Is Changing Real Estate. Naturally, Zillow and our brokerage are very different companies, including the big difference that while both have powerful websites, Lake Homes Realty is ...
  As we are growing our business, one lesson we see over and over in the lake real estate business clearly applies to all real estate. If a buyer is not aware of a property,  they will NEVER buy it! That sounds like common sense. Yet, we still occasionally run across agents and brokers who have n...
Lake real estate brings challenges, often different from typical urban or rural homes. Some companies focus on websites to drive traffic to agents who will pay for membership (or ads). Meanwhile most general real estate brokerages lack specialization (at least at the brokerage level).  We have a ...
You all know them. Perhaps you are “them”; those who seem to eagerly agree, but then rarely participate.  Or they agree but participate unhappily.     “You bet I’ll help you move!”     “Of course I’ll help with your open house.”     “Call me; I’d love to help on that community project.” People ar...
This impacts every agents and broker in the business. My comments are not meant to be fear mongering, but a real update of events we have seen recently (as well as recently reported by many in the computer support industry). My background includes a heavy dose of technology and technology consult...
  “Is this property still available?” is one of the most common questions we get from visitors to There is great concern about outdated listings of homes for sale. I know why home buyers ask this question, and it has nothing to do with our brokerage or website. Our listings are kep...

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