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Don't forget to check with your Home Inspector to make sure they offer Inspection Warranties on their work.  GILBERT Inspection Services offers 100 day Wananties on all it's Inspections for your clients satisfaction.  If items inspected by us fail within 100 days of our inspection, it will be cov...
Just one more reason for Home Inspections.  I was doing an inspection yesterday and after checking all pluming, sinks, toilets, diswasher, tubs, showers and drains inside the house, I went outside to check the foundation and grounds.  In the front of the property behind some plants I noticed wate...
When having a Home Inspected, make sure your inspector list the tempature of the air coming from the registers while checking the Air Conditioning.  Many Air Conditioners seem to be working fine, however they are blowing air that is not cool enough to cool the home.  This is often a problem with ...
Did an inspection this morning and found 3 bathroom sinks draining very slow.  Decided to open up traps under sinks.  All 3 had concrete pured into them.  Yes this was a bank owned REO.  So "YES" again, Home inspections are a must.  
Does your Home Inspector have Inspection Coverage for his Inspection?  Gilbert Inspection Services knows it's business and has confidence that each Inspection it does is complete and accurate.  So we offer a 100 Day Coverage that insures if we miss something or don't inspect it right, the Client ...
I was doing an inspection yesterday, and found 3 toiletsto have their angle stops (water valves) leaking. So immediately checked the properties water pressure.  The pressure was 85 pis.  I checked the water pressure valve in the garage and found that some one had adjusted it all the way open for ...
With every Home Inspection I am giving a FREE BOOK on how to take care of your Home.  This book has many ways to help you save money on repairs in the future and things to look for that nee constint attention.  Most homeowners just don't have any idea of the things that they should look for.  Thi...
For the month of June and July, I am offering a FREE POOL & SPA Inspection with every Home Inspection.  Take advantage of this on a property even if you don't need it right now, because I Warrentee all my inspections for 100 days after each inspection I do. Don Gilbert Gilbert Inspection Services
Well,  May and June have been very slow?  Results on advertizing has also been slow.  Hope things pick up soon.
GILBERT Inspection Services, uses FetchReport.com to upload all of it's Home Inspection reports. We always e-mail your report immediately to the customer after the inspection.  Then we upload each of our reports so that the customer can access the report for up to 3 months.  At the customers opti...


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