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Industry Observer - Home is where the food is
As homeowners, we love to entertain in our own homes - inviting our friends round to enjoy our homes and have a catch up about all new things in our lives. But knowing what to cook for them can be difficult. Air fryers are a great device to have in our kitchens for this - they can cook such a wid...
One of the most popular gadgets for homeowners. Following on from my post yesterday I thought it would be good to give you a quick introduction to the Instant Pot for those who asked. WHAT IS THE INSTANT POT?The Instant Pot (or Instapot) is an electric, multi-use programmable pressure cooker. INS...
Every homeowner should have a collection of fantastic kitchen devices to make their lives easier and save them time. But what appliances does every homeowner need in their kitchen? Air fryerLove fried food but wish it was that little bit healthier? An air fryer is the appliance for you - cook you...

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