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The song stylings and pointless riffing about real estate, brought to you by that jazzy agent and Industry observer, Gene Dexter @ !
It was an exciting day when I became co-partner at Crazy Pinoy Promotions. The founder of the company decided to throw a celabratory luncheon.  A few good record labels and one or two marketing companies flew into Seattle for it, plus a concert their artists/clients were performing in at an annua...
The heyday or apex of the music business was 1999-2000. Fat from CD technology, back when you replaced your cassette, vinyl and eight track (!) collection, record labels could do no wrong. These were the golden years, and money poured into the system.  And my promotions company fed from the troug...
'60 Minutes' Story Slanted, Seattle Associate Says The editing job on a May 13 "60 Minutes" piece about the real estate industry was interesting, to say the least, says Seattle Associate Deborah Arends. ARENDS"Could I be misquoted more times in two minutes and 20 seconds?" asks the Sales Associat...
So you are looking to "destroy" the real estate industry model......oh really. That is what the CEO said on 60 minutes, right?So let me be the first to say, I am officially announcing my effort to obliterate yours!I know bussers in restaurants who make more than your licensed people. At $29,000 s...
Your Client is not a serious buyer/seller when:They ask or say or proclaim: "how much money are you making over this?""Are the curtain rods included?"They need to extend inspection period to throw a video robot down the sewage pipes (true request!) Backed out of deal over difference of five days ...
It's been on my mind for some time now. How does any one person  do his or her part for the environment above and beyond what I hope many already do? Recycling? check. Turning off appliances and lights? check. Making sure I only print what I need and absolutely use for my marketing? check. Making...
Two weeks ago I posted a blog about why Red Fin's business model does not currently work. Among several comments I made included a big sticking point of mine, which is how Red Fin requires it's "clients" to call listings agents and try to get us to open the houses for their buying agent (Red Fin)...
Dear Red Fin,As your company is officially a brokerage, I whole heartedly support any practitioner of real estate. The function performed by any licensee is an important part of the overall market. I believe that, I really do.Now then, about your business model. Can we get a few things straight? ...
Dear Clients Everywhere,Your purchase or sale is the lifeblood of our careers. No two ways about it, without someone to represent,  we are truly nothing! In most cases, we remember this and make absolutely sure we are timely, patient, adaptable, negotiable, pleasant, loyal and able to negotiate a...
It all starts out the same way. Three or four of us working on the umpteenth round of martinis, and someone in the group just has to say, "Gene, I want to flip houses". And so begins the ruination of a perfectly good night! As the only realtor at the table, now I have to listen to the Grand Plan ...

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The song stylings and pointless riffing about real estate, brought to you by that jazzy agent and Industry observer, Gene Dexter @ !