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The song stylings and pointless riffing about real estate, brought to you by that jazzy agent and Industry observer, Gene Dexter @ !
I just got a call from one of my great friends, an agent in Malibu, California. She is upset.Many have come to know and love the castle sitting on top of the hill overlooking the pacific ocean. It seems to have been up there for anyone driving up (or down) the Coast Highway, to admire. It has bee...
I will just come right out of the gate and admit it was completely my fault. Just because the luxury home was vacant did not mean the security system would not be armed and ready to deal with this unprepared agent. It started out so easy and relaxed; walking up the nicely landscaped lawn area and...
Reprinted From My Column On The Drama For October, 2007 Category: Life This whole Carbon Neutrality thing is a crock. I can't stand it. The media is going to tell me that all I have to do is offset the use of the SUV by planting a tree once a year or make a donation some...
We take our salmon seriously in the Great Northwest. Last week's Salmon Days Festival, held annually in Issaquah, Washington, attracted record crowds in spite of the rain. Rain is actually an invitation up here to get outside more often anyway.Getting into the high spirit of salmon spawning seaso...
Yes, a new real estate cycle is turning it's little wheels in Seattle, for now. We are hearing so much negativity about sellers not being able to keep all of their 160k-200k profit from the last two years. They actually have to negotiate with buyers, lately! Mon Dieu!  Most will shed a tear, we f...
He was mesmerizing. An inspiration, even. Our conference room had turned into an evangelical experience. Fifteen minutes ago he was just a guy waiting in the lobby, but now? A preacher man. And a very good one.Slowing market? Having a hard time getting motivated? Your systems are shot? Not to wor...
We have been so fortunate, even blessed perhaps, to be in a market that continues to defy the downward trend seen by at least five other major states, and many more cities. Seattle is not only a great place to live, it's been a residential real estate bonanza. However, I personally believe many s...
I've been seeing it more often and today I even heard it on a radio advertisement. It used to be that when we wanted to highlight an ideal location we would say, three times, Location Location Location! Now? Just Location, Location. Twice.So I got to thinking, what else could we drop like that? T...
An artist by the name of T.I. signed to Epic Records and had a pretty hot project out. I was particularly pleased about the phone call from Epic's promotion department about running the Northwest campaign for it, only because notable record accounts beget notable record accounts!We established a ...
He was a hot new artist signed to LaFace Records in Atlanta, whose product was then distributed by Arista. There were very high hopes as this youngster was extremely talented and personable. But he needed seasoning. So L.A. Reid, the president of LaFace, sent the kid to another powerhouse record ...

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The song stylings and pointless riffing about real estate, brought to you by that jazzy agent and Industry observer, Gene Dexter @ !