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All I don't know quite yet how the new loan limits are going to help us move more product...  What would have been nicer would be for him to Fannie and Freddie remove the declining markets.  This is what I'm seeing the most impact on my loans.  It seems like every county in the North East is in o...
All I had to drop a quick not to you. If your current mortgage referral source is not doing FHA loans then find a new mortgage guy! A customer came to me after a full month of the mortgage dance with another company. I took the loan got him approved via FHA with down payment assistance the custo...
Am I missing something here??? I just opened my last credit card statement from a large bank, I might add... The rate had been increased from the introductory rate of 3.5% to the normal rate of 23%. Is there something wrong here or is it just me…. I guess this is what happens when you don’t carry...


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