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I held a beautiful Clovis home open today and a waterfront, Woodward Lake home yesterday.  Buyers are dipping their toes in the water.  First time homebuyers are actually making offers.  Prices on homes are incredible.  It is time for Buyer's to jump in and make some money.  I believe that we are...
After showing property this week, I have come to the conclusion that most homeowners trying to sell their homes can't compete against the REOs.  The financial institutions have no real floor in which they won't go.  They are motivated to get the REOs off of their books.  Homeowners have the limit...
Countrywide and Bank of America are getting all of the attention these days but there is another bank in big troupble and that is Citibank.  The world's wealthiest king of some middle east country is bailing out Citibank.  A realtive that is close to me is feeling the pinch. They are eliminating ...
I am a bit perplexed on the thought that Bernanke is likely to lower interest rates.  It is commonly known that the Fed's rate of funds does not affect home loan interest rates.  I suppose it is good for consumer confidence and also to stimulate the private sector to borrow money to grow business...
I just read an interesting blog about what Sellers and Buyers need from the agent they select.  It essentially confirmed that clients don't care about Realtor's designations unless they can understand the benefit.  This matches the NAR 2006 survey that clients care mostly about their agents reput...
My business partner and I recently attended a tour of foreclosure properties in Pismo Beach.  Comparing the prices of real estate in Fresno against what we saw in Pismo, Fresno is exceptionally priced and our rents are higher.  Tell all of your investor friends to keep an eye on the real estate m...
As an active real estate agent in the Fresno/Clovis marketplace I am seeing great deals on a regular basis.  There are houses on the market that would make a great investment or place to live for $100,000s less than what it sold for two years ago.  I am seeing houses in the $200,000 range in the ...

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