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Emerald Isle North Carolina is a gorgeous place to vacation. Today, after viewing the North Carolina Aquarium, I stopped in a little country store to cool off with some refreshing ice cream. There was a sign that caught my eye - "We do not remember days; we remember moments." As I was having a te...
I'm a firm believer in a positive attitude and believe if you radiate enthusiasm and confidence it rubs off on others and they react positively to you. How do you see yourself?  It is so easy to obtain a negative defeatism attitude if we listen to the TV news or read ithe paper. Good positive upb...
We all have clients that area "difficult" to deal with whether they are buying or selling. Those that won't clear the clutter or paint a wall to make the home more presentable to buyers, or buyers that won't make a decision on an offer. Our patience wears thin and it becomes frustrating for every...
The Heard Museum West in Surprise is closing it's doors at the end of the year due to the poor economic climate. Families no long have the disposable income for entertainment purposes and now it goes for family needs. You still have a few months to visit this beautiful and educational facility so...
Homes being rented in Home Owner Association community's with absentee landlords need a qualified property management company to oversee the property. Most complaints received by HOA board of directors revolve around fines received from weeds, illegal parking, trash containers left in view, and n...
Progress is a wonderful thing in many cases and it is good to leave some things in the past. Take for example how I'm writing this blog. In the olden days I would be writing with a pen and paper, later a typewriter, now the computer, where I can save my work and have a "program" check my spelling...
My rant for today involves the continued incompetence by listing agents and brokers. Someone takes a listing for a home - bank owned of course - and places it on the MLS. The lock box is not ARMLS and so it required contacting the number given on the MLS form. Guess what, no one answered at 4 PM ...
Do your friends, colleagues, and those you meet enjoy being around you because you lift them up by your positive enthusiastic demeanor. No one enjoys the company of negative, whining people. Everyone has days where everything seems to go wrong, but those who control their attitude and exude enthu...
 I read this thought provoking quote in Life's Little Instruction Book, number 123, "Learn to listen. Opportunity sometimes knocks very softly." We often don't see the opportunity right in front of us because we are thinking, talking, and dwelling on the negative. Right now Realtors® are selling...
The beautiful Ashton Ranch community in Surprise has three sparkling swimming pools and over 2500 mature bushes and trees. If you live in Ashton Ranch or thinking of buying a home, come to the HOA meeting held every 4th Thursday of the month. The board of directors meet at 7:00 PM at Paradise Sch...

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