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Are you excited about being in the Real Estate Industry? Everyday we face challenges with the economy, negativity on the news, tighter loan requirements, and  bankers who are clueless about homes they now possess. It is hard at times to be excited about our profession. If you get discouraged and ...
You decided to purchase, sell or lease your home in Surprise, Arizona and use a professional Realtor to insure fair and ethical treatment. Congratulations on your first correct decision! Now where do you go and how do you decide which agent to utilize? Let me suggest some criteria that might help...
I am a firm believer in a positive outlook in every situation that arises and we can learn from everything that comes our way. Someone once said, "Some people complain because God put thorns on roses, while others praise Him for putting roses among thorns." Which type of person are you?
In the "olden" days salesmen were called peddlers. They often had a number of items on their wagon or cart or other means of transportation. Having been in sales, sales management and marketing for 35+ years I feel I can help others in the sales profession with information on a number of topics....
For a fun fishing outing without a long drive, cast your line right here in Surprise, Arizona. The Surprise Lake, just between the County library, and the new tennis complex is stocked with a variety of fish and the limits are posted for your convenience. Walk around the lovely lake or picnic at ...
Someone once said, "The nearer one person is to another, the more necessary is tact and courtesy." As Real Estate Professionals we work closely with each other so tact and courtesy should be paramount in our dealings and relationships. It is so satisfying to work with an agent on a sale where com...
                          I try to be a very positive person and I hate to rant and complain. But to all Arizona Real Estate Agents who are to "important" to give updates and communicate on short sales or bank owned property offers, the reality is: You only think you are special and "all that." A...
The legendary Walt Disney once said, "It's kind of fun to do the impossible." Walt had the right attitude and spirit in all that he did and where would TV, Movies and Entertainment in general be without his visionary outlook? These past few years have been loaded with challenges in the real estat...

"In the long run, men hit what they aim at, therefore, they had better aim at something high," stated Henry David Thoreau. How high is your aim? Have you set your goals for real estate success high. Thoreau's wisdom should be taken to heart, set goals high and then work like crazy to hit them. It...
I don't know how many of you have received the "scam" letter from Senator Wilson Asinobi Ake of Nigeria, but this is a heads up that you might receive one. This letter has been going around for at least two years with the sender asking for help to purchase a home/property for over 4.5 million dol...

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