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You decided to purchase, sell or lease your home in Surprise, Arizona and use a professional Realtor to insure fair and ethical treatment. Congratulations on your first correct decision! Now where do you go and how do you decide which agent to utilize? Let me suggest some criteria that might help...
Well known American film director, producer and screenwriter, George Lucas said, "If America is the pursuit of happiness, the best way to pursue happiness is to help other people." That is certainly wise advice and makes me wonder, how many of us are happy? Are we helping other people or are we t...
What kind of example are you? Someone once said, "People know what you are by what they see, not by what they hear." There are some brokers and agents on Active Rain that "talk" or "write" very well but unfortunately their actions don't mesh with what they portray. It is unfortunate they have not...
I was in the grocery store this afternoon and as I was checking out several patrons left with their purchases and one set off the noisy "inventory control device". The purpose of this device and the loud sound is to help prevent customers from taking unpaid items from the store. The intent is goo...
When you get to the bottom of a post to leave a comment sometimes a box appears and the comment asks "What does the graphic say?" Occasionally a real word is listed but most of the time the "word" is  gibberish. I chuckle at some of the graphics listed and as I was entering one today I thought, w...
Is there anything lower than a scumbag landlord that takes a tenants rental money while defaulting on their loan and letting the place foreclose? I have a client who is in that situation as I write this post. Fortunately, we found out the home is going to foreclosure so I have the time to find th...
The 2009-2010 college football season is upon us with the opening games last night. One thing I believe we can take from college football is a saying on a sign that legendary Alabama Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant hung in his locker room. "Cause Something to Happen" I read a blog about social networkin...
I am fascinated with the number of people who read blog posts and never leave a comment, positive, negative or neutral. I wonder if they agree, disagree or don't care. It would be interesting to know some of the thoughts of readers. How about you? Care to get involved and comment?
It has been said that communication is only complete when it has been "registered" by the receiver. How often do we communicate with our client or prospective client and what we say makes sense to us, but later we find the receiver did not understand what we meant? We might have used "industry" j...
Arizona is a great place to live and enjoy all the beauties mother nature has to offer. Arizona is known as the Grand Canyon State and the picture is just one of the many gorgeous views of this incredible wonder. There is so much to do year around from golf, hiking, Sedona jeep tours, the Fiesta ...

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