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Since I am a technical engineering type guy my main focus on my blog will be market reports and market analysis. And of course since Anna Banana, my wife, trained me well (lol) I will most likely write fun stuff too. I just started blogging so we'll see what happens along the way. Stick with me - it will be worthwhile I promise you.
 Another Y day.....follow up. Well I'm back on the horse and riding in the rain, at least for a Y al! Ha... I got cha again! You probablY thought I was going to get serious again, like an engineer should. Nope. TodaY is not the daY for that stuff. I've been quite busY with all kinds of projects b...
Most of you don't realize that even thou I'm new to ActiveRain I've been attending Meetups for years now. I really enjoy meeting new folks and talking about a wide range of subjects. I'm hearing the word from Anna that she's expecting about 30 to 40 people tomorrow night.  It's going to be a lot ...
    I bet you  imagined this was going to be another one of those long drawn out engineer posts that just about everyone but an engineer prefers to avoid at all costs. And I'll also bet you wondered what did the 'flight of bacon' photo have to do with days that end in Y. Am I right or am I right?...
      This is the Scottsdale Golf Course Homes For Sale August 2017. Whether you are a full time or part time resident you will enjoy the Scottsdale Golf Lifestyle!  Golf Course Homes for Sale offer many options in home styles, designs, amenities, floor plans and locations.  You will want to brow...
  This is the Scottsdale 5 Bedroom Homes For Sale August 2017. Is your family growing and you need more space? Or perhaps you have a multi-generational living situation and require a private  guest suite for elderly parents or adult children living at home. Whatever your needs are in a 5+ bedroom...
  This is the Scottsdale 2 Bedroom Homes For Sale August 2017. Scottsdale 2 Bedroom homes for sale is a very active market, especially during the fall, winter & spring months. This size home is  perfect for 1st time home buyers or busy professionals that don't want the upkeep of a yard or pool. A...
Being Human - Mr Banana, Well I had to think a bit about what I would write about. Mmmm, something with passion. Passions seem to be running a bit high in the US today, what with all the brewhaha in Washington but I don't want to go there. I mean would love to go to Washington DC just don't want ...
  This is the Paradise Valley 3 Bedroom Homes For Sale August 2017. Paradise Valley Arizona 3 bedroom homes for sale offer some very unique options in homes styles, designs, amenities, locations and price points. Paradise Valley is known for it's  absolutely incredible views as well as sunrises a...
  This is the Scottsdale 4 Bedroom Homes For Sale August 2017. Scottsdale 4 bedroom homes for sale are a very popular home size. 4 bedroom homes are perfect for growing families that need extra space or for busy professionals that work from home and need a home office or two. Whatever your needs ...
 This is the Scottsdale 3 Bedroom Homes For Sale August 2017. Scottsdale 3 bedroom homes are a very popular home size and the perfect size for families that need more space, a home office or two or a spare room for visiting relatives and friends. Whatever your needs are in a 3 Bedroom Scottsdale ...

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