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Real Estate information and updates for home sales in South Lake Tahoe, CA and Stateline, NV and South Lake Tahoe, NV.
Instead of blaming somebody else, why don't we all serve notice… on those who aren't serving? (Lake Tahoe Real Estate Blog / August 7, 2011 / Richard Bolen) In economic times like these, when jobs are a premium priority, have you ever noticed that almost everything the political party in power d...
 A great opportunity and a win-win situation for Mars… and Us! (Lake Tahoe Real Estate Blog / August 6, 2011 / Richard Bolen) Well, this is fun news, but we're suspect. Water has apparently been found on Mars. You know, that flowing, liquid kind. We all know what that could mean: if there is wate...
Any U.S. Job Growth helps South Lake Tahoe, and everywhere else too! (Lake Tahoe Real Estate Blog / August 5, 2011 / Richard Bolen) Lets not get too excited, the "good" news in South Lake Tahoe today is good because… well, it's not worse, and who knew that we would see an increase in the jobs mar...
This BS company continues to call our businnes lines with harassing phone calls. Often 1-2 calls a day... after they have promised not to do so. Is this the kind of company you want representing you? Don't do business with I'm calling them now, harrassing their operators. You know, t...
 Interest rates and prices this low? It doesn't get any better for South Lake Tahoe home buyers than this! (Lake Tahoe Real Estate Blog / August 3, 2011 / Richard Bolen) Trying to find a silver lining in the recent debt-fiasco cloud, perhaps plunging mortgage interest rates is it. That's what ha...
Some things make a South Lake Tahoe short sale more successful quicker (Lake Tahoe Real Estate Blog / August 2, 2011 / Richard Bolen) We're seeing success with some of our recent South Lake Tahoe, CA short sales. First let's look at some of the reasons why, then lets look at a few individual sale...
Lots of our politicos talk about jobs, but more, simply, should talk less and do more about it! (Lake Tahoe Real Estate Blog / July 28, 2011 / Richard Bolen) Amid all of this political debt falderol, here comes a better U.S. jobs report, the best one we've seen here in South Lake Tahoe since las...
Putting Fact into South Lake Tahoe, CA listing agent cliche. (Lake Tahoe Real Estate Blog / July 24, 2011 / Richard Bolen) How many times has a real estate agent ever said this to a home seller: "if you list  your house to high it will cost you time and money?" The answer is, of course, unknown, ...
Thus starts the process that ends with owning a South Lake Tahoe, CA home (Lake Tahoe Real Estate Blog / July 22, 2011 / Richard Bolen) A retired teacher got in touch w us two days ago. The school teacher. being the most noble of all professions in our opinion — they are in charge of our childre...
Information is King in The Lake Tahoe Real Estate Blog (Lake Tahoe Real Estate Blog / July 19, 2011 / Richard Bolen) We like it when our local newspaper, The Tahoe Daily Tribune, uses us as a source for their real estate reporting. This is not to say necessarily that we like, or crave, the atten...


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