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Will I lose my home? Most people keep their home after filing bankruptcy.  But this question relates more to whether or not you can make your mortgage payments.  We take great care in insuring that you don't lose your home through the bankruptcy process by doing an appraisal and verifying mortgag...
My friend and associate Jon Sigler has written an excellent article on Green Homes in West HartfordWest Hartford Green Home - So you want to buy a green home in West Hartford, but don’t know where to start? There are many points to consider when evaluating if a home is environmentally friendly. B...
The current real estate and foreclosure crisis began two or three years ago. Since then homeowners have been trying to modify their home loans.  As a result, banks are overwhelmed with loan modification requests and short sale requests.   Many banks were unprepared for the number of requests rece...
Welcome to my blog.  I am hoping to post new and interesting things about real estate, bankruptcy, life, good restaurants and whatever strikes me as compelling.  I welcome you to do the same.

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