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 3rd Party Real Estate Portal Vs Local Realtor WebsiteWhen it comes to people searching for real estate and homes for sale in your local neighborhood, the best resource is the Internet. Do you believe that everything is both true and accurate with what you find? When you begin the house hunting p...
 Tips for Responding to Home Emergencies in Frisco If you really want to be trained to handle home emergencies, consider Frisco’s fire department for their Citizen’s Fire Academy. You’ll be trained by real firefighters to better handle all sorts of home emergencies, and you’ll also get a chance t...
 The Basics of Buying a Home in North Dallas, Texas  Without prior education, the Home buying process is comprised of many steps and if you make mistake it could cost you time and the potentially the sale itself. Here we have tried to highlight some major issues so that you are aware of what is i...
  Fundamental Real Estate Terms  While searching for the best North Dallas Texas Home as a first-time home buyer, you may come across several terms that are specifically used in the real estate sector.  1. Fixed-rate mortgage: interest rate paid on the home loan remains fixed. 2. Adjustable-rate ...
 Have You Outgrown Your Plano TX Home? It may seem hard to imagine that the Plano TX home you’re in today – whether it’s your first Texas home or your third for your growing family – it might not be your forever home in North’s okay to confess if your home in Plano no longer fits your c...
 If you are thinking about buying your first home, here’s a simple guide to consider. Benefits of Owning a Home  Before going any further, let’s understand the major benefits of owning a home. 1. Build EquityThe difference between the value of a home and the amount that you owe on your mortgage i...
 Frisco, TX Real EstateFri Dec 13 2019As we evaluate the buying and selling trends in Frisco, TX, we review the influences that are driving this market forward and the leverage that it creates for each buyers and sellers. This week the median list price for Frisco, TX is $505,201 with the market ...

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