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I had a conversation earlier today via email with another AR member and it reminded me that I should probably let people know about the looming early bird deadline for Connect.April 4th, the prices for admission all go up. I wanted everyone who's planning on coming to San Francisco to take advant...
Reposted from Future of Real Estate Marketing but I wanted to let everyone in the AR community know about this too...Portland RE Meetup - 6pm March 28,2008We blog, we Twitter, we IM, we Facebook and ActiveRain with each other - so why not meet in person? Let’s have a few beers and talk Internet a...
I’m a big fan of Formula One racing. As a kid, my grandfather worked for Mobil Oil and one of my proudest possession was a scale model of “King Nigel” Nigel Mansell’s Williams race car that he’d given me. It still sits proudly on my desk today. So ActiveRain and Inman News‘ Project Blogger compe...
For the last week or so I've been posting my blog posts both on my regular domain ( and here on AR. I really enjoy the sense of community that has developed on this site. Over the weekend a serious debate arose on Rain City Guide as to whether "dual-posting" he...

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