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This article was originally published on Market Leader's blog, where you can find more educational articles that will help you build your real estate business.Generating leads is a formidable challenge in itself, but simply getting leads isn’t enough to convert them into clients. Even the hottest...
The busy summer home buying and selling season is in full swing! Get ready for several hectic months of hard work and long hours, not to mention a bunch of closed deals that will net you many thousands of dollars in commission income.But even if you have the volume of leads you need to make this ...
The following is an excerpt from Market Leader's Complete Guide to Home Sellers. This free 28-page guide helps agents improve their ability to generate seller leads, turn them into clients, and sell their homes. You can download the full version here >>  “When you list, you last,” or so the old r...
Is it possible to predict how U.S. home prices will rise and fall by tracking the performance of one or more key local markets? Would having a “crystal ball” local market allow real estate professionals to predict future housing market booms and busts? To get an answer to this important question,...
A Study of Agent Happiness The happiness of real estate professionals is a surprisingly under-discussed topic. Industry-focused real estate publications tend to harp on things like lead generation methods, email marketing best practices, and the importance of social media while sadly rarely touch...
The road to homeownership is one most Americans travel along at some point in their lives, but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy road to follow. How can a first-time homebuyer possibly be expected to know and remember all the steps between deciding that they want to buy a home and signing their name...
These are the results of the Q2 2013 Real Estate Confidence Index survey. In this survey, we asked real estate professionals from across North America how confident they are that their local markets will see improvements in the coming quarter. We were not surprised to find that Realtor® confidenc...
News publications across the country use data from reports like the Case-Shiller index (home prices) and the U.S. Census Bureau’s Building Permits Survey (new construction starts) to accurately and authoritatively write about national real estate market trends. While these indices are enough to s...
The Canadian real estate market was relatively unaffected by the implosion of the U.S. housing market, and has more or less been on a tear since 2000. There are warning signs that this might soon reverse, however, and Canada may also experience issues with its real estate market. Let’s take a loo...
March Madness has caused the Market Leader staff to become bracket-crazy, and NCAA men’s basketball simply isn’t enough to satiate our need for bracket-based competition. We thus decided to create “Real Estate Madness” and pit 64 U.S. cities against each other to see which one is the best city to...

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