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If you are looking for Frisco, TX homes for sale, you've find the right Texas real estate agent! Buying or selling a Texas home should be a fun and exciting experience. I live in Frisco and work there as a Texas real estate agent and Realtor. Your success is my focus.
In Frisco Texas we simply do not have enough homes on the market. This has led to the strongest seller's market in history. New agents, veteran agents, full service brokers, limited service brokers are all looking for more listings in this area. This can lead to behavior that is not focused on do...
Whether you are buying, selling or living in a home filters are important. Obviously when you are living in your home, changing your filters is very important. It helps the air quality, saves on bills and allows your systems to work better with less of a drain. The same can be said for personal f...
Believe it or not some Texas HOAs are hurting their own residents' property values. It is not intentional or at least I don't think it is. In certain areas of Frisco and McKinney there are HOAs that have decided that real estate open house signs should not be used. They go around and will pull th...
Buying or selling a home can be stressful. The experience around it is all about client service. It is not about real estate agent service, title service, lender service, inspection service, or any other service. Clients should always come first. In real estate there is a difference between a cli...
I can already hear many people saying, "What do you mean bad reputations, my reputation is great." Unfortunately when you ask the general public to use one adjective to describe a real estate agent, do you really think that adjective is going to be "awesome", "great", or  "trustworthy?" It does n...
As in every industry, technology is making huge changes in the way an industry works. Real estate is no exception. Whether you are in Frisco, TX or Seattle, Washington people are using technology to buy and sell homes everyday. What is interesting to me is that it appears as if real estate consum...
There has been a lot of information and opinions going back and forth over the merger of Zillow and Trulia. In a post by Jon Kolsky -A Ton of Unanswered QUestions About Z & T Merging there was a comparison and I thought it was negatively implied that Amazon has negatively impacted book publishers...
In hot markets such as Frisco Texas or San Jose California, many sellers are thinking that it may be OK to try and sell it themselves or just work with a broker who will provide MLS access for a flat fee such as a limited service broker. Many sellers regardless of the market also try to save mone...
Real estate is handled very different in various parts of the country. In Frisco Texas we are bound by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC.) Just like in other areas of DFW and the rest of the great state of Texas, when you are buying or selling residential homes, the contract is critical to u...
There are many people, including those in Frisco Texas and the surrounding suburbs, who want to take advantage of the hot market and upsize their home. They bought back in 2007 and 2008 and find themselves either owing more than the house will sell for or after the costs of selling either they ha...

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