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M-O-T-H-E-R: Like No Other   No fancy artwork.  No beautiful picture.  Nothing to detract from a basic fact--today is MOTHER'S DAY.  There are not suitable words to fairly describe what MOTHER MEANS TO EACH OF US. M is because She is MINE.  We hold the word Mother at an elevated state.  We seldom...
 SIX BOYS ON IWO JIMA The Greatest Generation is leaving AMERICA in our hands.  How will our Generation respond? What makes AMERICA great is our fidelity to Honor, Valor, and Liberty. "NOW IS THE TIME FOR ALL GOOD MEN TO COME TO THE AID OF THEIR COUNTRY." Perhaps an old man can refresh our memory...
SHOULD I CHANGE MY PASSWORD???  Like a child, we often are more trusting than is prudent.  Like a child, we are often preoccupied with other things.  A child may innocently not see the consequences; but as adults, we can no longer use that excuse. I tend to be set in my ways.  Are you?  The conve...
        OUR FLAG IS STILL THERE "She's a grand ole flag, a high-flying flag, and forever in peace may she wave...".  I love the words to that song.  I remember them from the fourth grade (I'm nearing 65 years of age), and I am proud to have served under that flag as a Cub Scout, Boy Scout, 4-H Cl...
NASHVILLE, TAKE A MOMENT TO REMEMBER OUR FALLEN HEROES--OUR FREDOM IS BORNE OF THEIR BLOOD.  This Day of Memorial is about those who DIED in defense of our Liberty.  As many businesses have "Memorial Day Sales" and promote saying thank you to those of us veterans yet alive: hear us--TODAY IS NOT...
INTEGRITY ABOVE REPROACH In recent days we have witnessed Justice Exacting Her Measure: Usama Bin Laden being found and executed.  Now the press is caught up in a frenzy of whether photos of his death should be released; and the ensuing arguments about the "proof" of his death versus inflaming an...
TODAY, AMERICA REJOICES.  TODAY the world sees both the power and persistence of our military.  TODAY we sing with great pride "Home of the Free, and Land of the Brave."  As President Obama stated, "Justice Has Been Done."  We remember President Bush had said to a joint session of Congress, "Whe...
BRIGHT IS MY FUTURE.  Celebrating his 1st birthday, my youngest grandson has more on his face than cake--he has a hopeful smile.  He spent untold hours at the baseball parks this past weekend: his two brothers played 8 games on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and yet he smiles.  He doesn't miss a t...
Today, in my e-mail, I found a mailer from a loan officer touting ARM loans.  It was entitled "Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) Loans in Today's Economy? Yes!"  I am attaching the link in order to permit the reader to have the full context:
FOREVER!!!  How long is FOREVER?  It is Baseball Time in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, and two of my grandsons are right in the middle of it all.  My oldest grandson is playing travel ball, and younger brother is playing T-ball.  This past Saturday, I asked Nathan (4 y.o.)  if he like playing firstbase...

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