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 Back When Carbon Paper Was  King   Back When Carbon Paper Was  King, I was beginning a twenty-five year journey through TECHNOLOGY.  It was March 1983.  There were less than twenty mortgage companies in Nashville.  [The last statistic I saw reflected over 1200 mortgage operations in Middle Tenne...
Photo of Dot Mackin, My Favorite Underwriter, My Mentor. and My Friend     WHO DOES THE LOAN ANALYSIS OF MY MORTGAGE LOAN APPLICATION   Home Buyers often hear REALTORS®, Lenders and former home buyers talk about underwriters.  They probably wonder if they are relatives to "Big Foot", after all w...
               photo provided @Demid by  #11365373   EXPLANATONS OF CREDIT, INCOME AND JOB HISTORY      Communication with the Loan Underwriter may become critical during the Loan Application process.  By design, there is a firewall between applicants and the person responsible for a...
LET's TALK ABOUT A FEW HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE TIPS So you plan to purchase a home, and find yourself overwhelmed with all the things to do and decisions to be made.  Every time you turn around, someone has there hand out: $500 here, $300 there; and you wonder is there any end to it.  THEN, the len...
SAFETY FIRST MAY HAVE SAVED MY HOME   Last week I wrote a blog on fire prevention  [see ], then the next day I thought it had been a while since I walked thru my home with safety in mind.  I did, and fortunately so, for ...
PREQUALIFICATION OR PRE-APPROVAL LETTERS  Photo above is Jeana Connell, my former processor, and she is holding my first grandson--2003.  I would, and have trusted her with anything I value.  This is what you are looking for in a processor.   Let's Consider The Misunderstandings About PREQUAL and...
                  Photo from                               EVEN REALTORS® NEED A DIGITAL GODDESS   In 1995 I was a big fan of WSIX Talk Radio in Nashville, Tennessee.  My car radio remained on that one station.  I was out running errands on a Saturday morning, and when I got back in m...
  FIRE PREVENTION: HOW PREPARED ARE YOU?         Photo Copywrite © Glenda Powers-           FIRE PREVENTION: HOW PREPARED ARE YOU?   I just read a post by Jeff Pearl that made me think about FIRE PREVENTION.  Check it out:
EVERY CLOUD HAS A SILVER LINING: My December Cloudburst This time of year we talk and think about GIFTS and GIVING.  We ask children "What is Santa Claus bringing you?"  We plan parties, spend time decorating, and invest hours upon hours in traffic as we shop for Christmas gifts. The truly reward...
  "WHAT MAKES A GREAT LOAN OFFICER?"  As a REALTOR®, when I speak to homebuyers, the need for financing is certain to arise, and one of the first topics regards finding a great loan officer.  The preferred question is "WHAT MAKES A GREAT LOAN OFFICER?"  Too often Homebuyers concentrate on Rate S...

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