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    Many homeowners I work with overlook some of the tax benefits and implications of their recent purchase / sale of a home.  I thought I’d share with you a handy bit of information I found on H&R Block which outlines some of essential tax information for homeowners.  As you probably know, you a...
 Now is perhaps one of the best times in history to purchase a home.  Low interest rates and unparalleled affordability have created a perfect storm for qualified buyers. So does that mean the “flipping days” are here again?  Maybe and Maybe not. While there may be shrewd investors out there who ...
  In colder months, do you use your ceiling fan the right way? In the summer they can provide cooling breezes, but during winter they can also assist in circulating warm air through your home.  The trick is understanding the switch on the fan which controls the direction of the fan blades: During...
    Just about every day people ask me:  “So how long is this down real estate market going to last? Where’s the recovery?”  They’re surprised when I tell them that in some markets, the recovery is already under way.  Consumer attitude often lags behind local market data.  You see, there were lot...
I want to share my New Year’s resolution for 2012. Even if you’ve sworn off resolutions FOREVER and you don’t do anything else this year, consider joining  Read More
Step 5 - Use a combination of different credit types.  A mixture of credit cards, installment loans and loans with fixed payments can help raise your score if you manage the credit cards responsibly. Having numerous installment loans can lower your scores because the payments remain the same unti...
Step 4 - Protect Your New Credit - Manage it wisely. Several credit inquiries during a short period of time gives the appearance of you trying to open more than one new account and this can lower your credit score. The software used to score your credit can usually recognize when you are shopping...
Step 3 - The length of you Credit History - how far back does it go? Time is crucial to this aspect of your credit scores so you really should take the time to manage it wisely.  Don't open several new accounts in a short period of time- this is especially important if your credit history is less...
Step 2- Consistenly Good Payment History Always pay your bills on time.  Late payments are a major factor in driving down your credit score. If any of your bills are currently past due, get caught up and stay caught up - procrastination can destroy your credit rating. Contact your creditors immed...
Most improvements to your credit score will require ongoing effort from you and will take time.  The only true "quick-fixes" are to successfully dispute derogatory information on your credit report and to pay down your debt.  Below you will find some actions that can help you to improve your scor...

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