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When purchasing a new home, a mortgage can be a great investment tool. Making sense of fixed, arms, reverse amortization, and interest only loans can save you thousands. The right mortgage can save you thousands of dollars, while the wrong mortgage can put your house in jeopardy. With all the mor...
Hello Everyone, I have not Blogged for a few days, and just wanted to say that I am still here to answer any questions that you might have regarding Escrows. I am here to make your escrows run smoothly. Please feel free to contact me anytime via the e-mail or you can call my cell phone with any q...
How to Choose a REALTOR® Not all agents or brokers are REALTORS® -- there is a difference. As a prerequisite to selling real estate, a person must be licensed by the state in which they work, either as an agent/salesperson or as a broker. Before a license is issued, minimum standards for educatio...
Tip's on Buying a home Let's say one morning you wake up and realize that, yes, you should buy a home. You're tired of throwing away money on rent and figure that it's time to get into a home of your own. But you have reservations. After all, if it's your first time, you've got questions. You mig...
Basics The escrow company usually serves as a neutral intermediary between all the parties involved in a real estate or mortgage transaction. These parties can include: * lenders * brokers * insurance agents * appraisers * notaries A mortgage loan usually involves a very large amount of paperwork...
The escrow officer position is unique to California. Most other states use lawyers to do what escrow officers do. Most Escrow officers enter the field by first working as an Escrow Assistant. Escrow Assistants ensure all details related to sales transactions are accurate. They assist with the pro...
It’s simply an arrangement where a third party – such as an Escrow Company, Title Insurance Company or a lawyer – holds money or documents and distributes them according to instructions from both parties. In a commercial real estate transaction, for example, the escrow agent may obtain funds and ...

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