Shhhhhhh Im going to talk about DUAL AGENCY! hahaha.  All jokes aside dual agency is a general practice at least in the state of Pennsylvania.  It is legal, it is ethical, and it can be very profitable....that is if you don't get sued because of it.  Not sure what the other 49 state policies are ...
Realtor Reinvestment Act of Flight 317 As I write this blog post I am sitting on a flight home from the NAR Convention in New Orleans.  I was touched at our general session with the length Realtors go to help out our communities.  I myself sponsor several Easter Seals programs in the Lehigh Valle...
Pride! As a stubborn Italian myself, asking for help couldn't be any harder. From a professionals point of view working out of the Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania I see first hand what the difference between asking a Realtor for help early and waiting for the sheriff to serve you notice of f...
Welcome all to this sensitive subject.  As a real estate professional my job is to help out the consumer in any way I can and do so in an ethical manner.  If this means advising a home owner to head down the path of alternative solutions other than a sale I facilitate than so be it.  I need to sl...

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