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Virtual tours are almost a "must have" nowadays when you place a listing online, or even in the MLS.Both of the MLS services I belong to have the capability of adding tours with the listing and unless the property is really small or really bad, I'll add a tour. I happen to use Just Snooping tours...
Many cities and towns are experiencing some resident negativity when it comes to approving additional retail expansion, usually related to the so called "Big Box Stores'. While the term has become linked mostly to Wal Mart Super Centers, it also applies to Home Depot, Lowes, Target Super Centers ...
The Hershey Kiss was first made in 1907, so this is the One Hundreth Anniversary of this little product.To commemorate, the United States Postal Service has issued a special commemorative stamp.See the announcement hereHershey has promoted Hershey's Kisses with This Vehicle for a number of yearsB...
Hershey manufactures a lot of limited edition versions of their standard products for particular markets or events.In an announcement in today's Harrisburg Patriot-News, they portrayed a limited edition Reese's Elvis bar which will be debuting this summer. It features Elvis' favorite food combina...
One of the most interesting institutions here in Hershey is the Milton Hershey School.Established in 1909 by Milton and Kitty Hershey as the Hershey Industrial School (for boys), it is unique in scope,  curriculum and admission standards from almost any other school in the country.Since the Hersh...
Does anyone remember the All In The Family episode where Archie was disciplined at work because he sent a shipment to London England instead of London Ontario.I've often wondered if the similar sounding names around here would cause the same kind of problem.Middletown,MiddleburgMiddletown is a Ha...
This week is Farm Show week here in Pennsylvania. The Farm Show complex is located in Harrisburg, just off I-81 and has been held for more years than I can remember. The big thing locally is the talk of "Farm Show Weather". That most years means  cold, snow and the attendent problems.This year, i...
Even though I've lived a total of about 25 years in Pennsylvania, I've never figured out the system of local governments.  Right now there are:One 1st Class City, One 2nd Class city, One 2nd Class A City, 53 3rd Class cities, 961 Boroughs, 91 1st Class Townships, 1456 2nd Class Townships and one ...
It's supposed to be 5 reason to buy in Hershey, the problem is, I don't live in Hershey, so I'm going to combine this as 5 Reasons to buy in Hershey or Palmyra or Hummelstown:1. It always smells sweet in Hershey. Hershey Foods still operates the two or three manufacturing plants here, including t...
What do they do in your area to celebrate New year's Eve.In Hershey, they have an outdoor event during which they raise a replica Hershey Kiss up a pole at midnight.In nearby Lebanon, they drop a 7 foot 100 pound Lebanon Bologna from somewhere (hope it's not an airplane).In Harrisburg, they drop ...

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