Current mortgage rate trends remain unchanged.  Consensus is that we are finally recovering from the housing meltdown and mortgage rates are likely to begin rising in coming months.  If you are looking to buy a home or refinance your home contact us for a free rate quote. Raleigh mortgages - Rale...
Current mortgage rate trends are improving as jobless claims came in higher than expected.  Remember that bad economic news causes mortgage rates to drop.  If you are in the market to refinance or buy a home you should consider us.  Not because we can close loans as many others do but because we ...
If you have found yourself upside down onyour home don't despair.  We might have a solution for you.  Understand how and why your property value may not be what you think it is in this quick informative video.  Contact us for more information.  Please subscribe or forward this on to anyone you kn...
A short video regarding home loans for the self employed.  Home loans for the self employed can be especially tricky given the complexity of both personal and business tax returns.  Hence the reason for the creation of the stated income loan.  Although a true stated income loan is hard to come by...
How long do I have to wait if I had a short sale or bankruptcy before I can get another home loan?  We get this question all of the time.  For many who have had to go through a bankruptcy, foreclosure or short sale this is one of the first questions they ask.  The answer depends on the type of lo...
We know if you don't have a 20% down payment lenders require mortgage insurance.  But why?  Also why do FHA loans carry mortgage insurance even with a 20% down payment?  Find out why in this short video.  If you know anybody that could benefit from this video please forward them this link.  Thank...
Susan Arnold is not only an executive business coach but also a life skills coach.  Her expertise is well known throughout the Triangle.  She has taught leadership skills throughout the Triangle including colleges, Business Networking events and individual training.  Raleigh Leadership Coaching -...
Mortgage insurance is a confusing term to many first time home buyers.  Watch this short video explaining what mortgage insurance is.  Because of our licensing we are both a Raleigh direct lender and also a Raleigh mortgage broker. Visit our webiste: Raleigh Home Loans.     Raleigh mortgage broke...
Mortgage rate shopping can be a stressful experience because you really don't have the right tools to shop mortgage rates.  Watch this short video that explains how to predict when mortgage rates will rise and fall.  Because of our licensing we are both a Raleigh direct lender and also a Raleigh ...
Adopt my mortgage is the answer.  Automated e mail delivers rate market and estimated home value along with homes that have sold in your neighborhood.  It's free and made in America!  Adopt my mortgage, the best thing since sliced bread.  

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