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If you or someone you know is thinking of investing in Las Vegas properties, listen to Hector Vega, CDPE/SFR, Exclusive Realty. Hector's experience and knowledge will give you great insight. Questions? Contact Hector at 702-296-6904
Hector Vega, CDPE/SFR 702-296-6904 of Exclusive Realty of Las Vegas www.hvega.exclusiverealty-lv.com discusses the costs associated with purchasing a short sale or foreclosure in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Call Lorraine Dowd for a Private Showing 702-419-4628  email to: ldowd@exclusiverealtylv.com
Hector Vega, CDPE/SFR 702-296-6904 of Exclusive Realty of Las Vegas.
To Friend or not to Friend, that is the question.  I'm pretty sure Shakespeare would have been intrigued with Facebook and used it to promote his work and draw upon it for characters to write about.  It seems every day I read another blog about Social Media, many of them focusing on Facebook and ...
Have you ever looked around your everyday environment and seen it through the eyes of a stranger? Have you explored the unique places and/or activities of your city?  Have you ventured out and explored the nearby areas and found favorite little restaurants, antique shops, events, etc? I ask these...
Now that you've joined a networking/referral group, how do you go about getting good referrals for the other members?  This is often the most stressful part of committing to a weekly referral organization.  You made the commitment to attend the meetings and part of your commitment is to help othe...
What is Full Broker Support?  I must receive at least 6 email blasts per day from real estate companies recruiting agents and I'm not an agent.  One of their favorite bullet points is "Full Broker Support".  There's never any further explanation and never any examples of what Full or 100% Broker ...
A couple of weeks ago I wrote about networking and making the best use of your time.  Hopefully some of those tips were helpful.  If you are becoming more comfortable with being out and about, what is the next step in helping your business grow?  In the city I live in, Las Vegas, you can pretty m...

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