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I recently sat down with a representative from American Home Shield  home warranty company and was truly amazed at the value that it brings to both seller and buyer. Let me first start by showing what a warranty covers so that you will have that knowledge while you continue reading. This is a lis...
I want to tell you about my experience with fire extinguishers. My first experience with a fire extinguisher was when I lived in a condo building and I was working at my computer with my window open and I noticed a burning smell. I went out to investigate and noticed smoke coming from my neighbor...
Ok, this is completely unrelated to real estate, but I saw this on TV and thought I would bring it to light. The story was about how the lemons we get in our drinks at restaurants could be highly "germed" or even contain salmonella. The reporter worked in conjunction with a lab to test 76 lemons ...
Say you saw a video on that you wanted to save, but then once you saved it you could not play it. Well this sight allows you to copy the selected URL onto the VIXY website and then it converts it and you download it. Go to  I have a friend who likes to download videos and...
If you've been suffering from slow internet, then you might want to go to   and check and see what your speed is. The speed test is at the top of the page. The beauty of it is that you will have a speed figure to talk to your internet subscriber about. I use to use an Aircard by Ver...
Here's a place where I go a lot. I really like it....because it's good ..and it's FREE. It's called   There's a wide variety to choose from. Check it out. I really like the Outrageous Characters category. Pick any ecard and you can totally personalize it. It's easy,...
Most people have heard of St Petersburg, but what most people don't realize is that there are many smaller towns that make up the greater St Pete area. There are 24 municipalities. St Petersburg is in Pinellas County. Pinellas is a large county and is 38 miles long and 15 miles wide at its broade...
Lanai seems to be a term agents like to use a lot. It means... a veranda ( or verandah ) or roofed patio often furnished and used as a living room. The origin is Hawaiian around 1865-1870. I think it is a term that not many people are familiar with. It tends to be a catch all term when the word p...
Here is the link for Babel Fish:    You can use it to translate text or a whole web page. Although I've never done this, it seemingly gives the capability of putting a link on your website to be able to translate your website into other languages at the click...
I have some French speaking Canadian clients who don't speak English very well. I'm not completely sure how well they read English either; however, in an effort to make things easy for them, I've employed the use of google's translator tool. You can find it at

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